Deep sea mining equipment technology research team



The team is led by Researcher Du Xinguang and currently consists of 23 people, including 11 with senior professional titles and 12 with intermediate professional titles. The core members of the team hold positions in academic organizations both domestically and internationally. As a member of the "International Hot Spot Research Experts" group of the Ministry of Natural Resources and a Chinese expert of the International Dredging Association, an observer organization of the International Seabed Authority (ISA), the leader was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in the second meeting of the 24th ISA.

The team has profound professional knowledge and experience accumulation in the field of deep-sea mining technology research and development, and is committed to developing high-performance and efficient deep-sea mining equipment. In conjunction with the 14th Five Year Plan for the development of the high-end equipment industry, a strategic framework for collaborative innovation in deep-sea mining technology, with domestic as the main body and domestic and international mutual promotion, has been proposed. It is committed to sorting out core key technologies, refining the scientific issues behind key technologies, and assisting in the construction of a strong marine science and technology country.

After years of effort, the team has undertaken multiple national and provincial level scientific research projects, and the achievements of the projects have been recognized and praised by relevant fields in China, making positive contributions to the construction of China's deep-sea game and new development pattern. The team's research achievements have won honors such as the "China Shipbuilding Corporation Science and Technology Award", the "China Shipbuilding Society Science and Technology Award", and the "Shanghai Science and Technology Award".